“How Digitalization will influence the Drive Technology Industry”

The European Drive Technology Conference is a high level event dedicated for company leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers of the Gears, Transmissions and Drive industries, and will provide new insights on the main challenges and evolutions in the industry. The theme of this edition, organized by Agoria, is on “the influence of digitalization on the drive technology industry” and will look into three aspects of digitalization:

  •   The impact on your production processes,
  •   The possibilies for new and innovative products
  •   The opportunities for new business models.

Besides these insights in connection with these technologies the event provides a platform for networking with your peers in a nice and professional environment.

The conference will take place at the Hotel Van der Valk in Antwerp, where you will be able to enjoy a very attractive programme with both professional and recreational activities. One of the highlights for this event will be the Eurotrans Gala diner that will take place in the city center of Antwerp.