For this event, we have selected for you the Conference center of Hotel Van der Valk in the nice city of Antwerp. Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp is specialized in business meetings and they have a large car park. There central location guarantees excellent accessibility. Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp is a four-star hotel and has 204 spacious rooms that provide all the comfort you expect from a good hotel. Please note that the hotel rooms are not included in the registration fee for the Conference, but should be booked separately! Various facilities are available free of charge for the hotel guests, such as a heated swimming pool, sauna, hammam and fitness room. And there is free parking and, of course, free Wi-Fi everywhere.

If you wish to book a room you can send an email to or call the number 0032 3 217 48 23. We have blocked several rooms:

  •   20th June 2018: 112,50€ for a double room or 97,50€ for single use;
  •   21st June 2018: 112,50€ for a double room or 97,50€ for single use;
  •   22nd June2018: 112,50€ for a double room or 97,50€ for single use.
The prices are breakfast included and excluded city taks of 2,39€ pp per night. Please mention the discount code “Agoria” when making your reservation.
More information on the hotel Van der Valk

SPIEGELZAAL  (Hall of mirrors)

The “spiegelzaal” (Hall of mirrors) was selected as the location for the Galadiner of the European Drive Technology Conference, on Thursday evening. This historical building provides a very nice environment for this informal part of the event.
Some background on the Hall of mirrors: Thise former Royal Palace on the Meir was built as a mansion for the wealthy merchant Joan Alexander van Susteren in the mid-18th century. It dates from 1745-1746 and is a sumptuous Rococo building with late Baroque influences.

The Emperor Napoleon was impressed by the mansion, thanks in part to its favourable position, and bought it in 1811. After Belgium gained its independence, the new royal family used it as its Antwerp residence, and Leopold II built the stunning Spiegelzaal (Hall of Mirrors) there.

In recent years, Heritage Flanders has devised a new use for the building, which has been turned into a “public palace” with space for hotel accommodation and restaurants.

Thanks to this lovely building’s great location in the heart of Antwerp, its historic character and its function as a museum, the Spiegelzaal is a real attraction for a public in search of added value.


By car

From Brussels – Gent – Mechelen – coast
  •   E19, on the ring road around Antwerp, follow the signs for Breda, take exit 3 “Borgerhout”
  •   At the traffic lights, turn right into Luitenant Lippenslaan
  •   Make a U-turn just before the next traffic lights and turn right into Joe Englishstraat
From Aachen – Hasselt – Turnhout
  •   E313 – E34, take exit 17 “Antwerpen Centrum”
  •   At the traffic lights, turn left into Singel
  •   At the second set of traffic lights, turn left into Luitenant Lippenslaan
  •   Make a U-turn just before the next traffic lights and turn right into Joe Englishstraat

By train

From Antwerp Central Station
  •   Exit the station and walk to the bus and tram stops at the other side of Astridplein (square)
  •   Take tram 24 to Silsburg Borgerhout
  •   Alight at Joe English – Collegelaan
  •   The hotel is located at the end of Joe Englishstraat
From Antwerp Berchem Station
  •   Do not leave the station via the main exit, but exit at platform 11
  •   The fastest way to get to the hotel from Berchem is by taxi
  •   You will find a taxi rank on your left-hand side

By tram

From Antwerp, Franklin Rooseveltplaats
  •   Take tram 24 to Silsburg Borgerhout
  •   Alight at Joe English – Collegelaan
  •   The hotel is located at the end of Joe Englishstraat

By airplane

From Brussels National Airport
By taxi
Taxis with a taximeter are permanently available in front of the arrivals hall. Licensed taxis can be recognized by the blue and yellow emblem.

By train
Brussels Airport-Zaventem station is located on level -1 of the terminal, at a small distance from the arrivals hall
There are 2 possibilities
  •   Train to Antwerp Central Station
    see chapter “by train” to access our hotel
  •   Train to Antwerp Berchem Station
    see chapter “by train” to access our hotel
Travel time to Antwerp is 32 min
There is a train every 30’ (Last train: 23h41)


Let Antwerp amaze you
Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders. It has more diamonds shining in the shops than any other place in the world. The shops in Antwerp almost look like museums. You—almost literally—find a start-up around every corner.
Antwerp offers everything you need to have a good time and it does that in a slightly different way than other cities. What is the secret? The city and its residents are convinced that there is always something newer and better to be found. They don’t follow but create.

Torrent of ships and knowledge
Antwerp annually welcomes more than 60,000 inland-navigation and sea-going vessels. They anchor in a seaport located 80 kilometres inland. A unique trump card because that way the hinterland is easily reached. Thanks to the harbour, much knowledge also flows into the city. International researches and specialised maritime training are no exception in Antwerp.

Innovative and creative city
Antwerp has always been characterised by its urge for innovation, such as the art of printing that was invented here and the international quality marks for diamonds that originated from the city. Inhabitants of Antwerp want to lead and determine the direction. The conservatory, the research centres, the multimedia Technology programme, the famous fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and many are proof of this. Enterprises in Antwerp also illustrate this. Start-ups pop up like mushrooms here and grow into international successes.

Notably different
Everything is just a little different in Antwerp. You shop in buildings that elsewhere would be museums, for instance, you can go shopping in the Stadsfeestzaal which is completely decorated with gold leaf. And during a museum visit, the collection as well as the setting will knock you off your feet: for example, the ‘Museum aan de Stroom’ (Museum at the River) is most likely the most beautiful outdoor work of art and you can admire the panorama over Antwerp from 60 metres above ground. Every day is different, every day is spectacular. In the city, you find more diamonds in one square kilometre than anywhere in the world. And the most beautiful library in Belgium, the Nottebohmzaal, is Antwerp’s best kept secret. During a walk through the city, you follow an architectural route that some cities can only dream of.

Discover the diversity
The inhabitants of Antwerp like to call their city a metropolis. Though they also like to call it a village, where everyone knows each other. That is not self-evident in the biggest city in Flanders with 174 nationalities and more than 510,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, Antwerp is a metropolis with a small-town sentiment in which you quickly taste all the styles, colours and flavours.