European Drive Technology Conference 2018


Thursday, 21st June 2018

08.30 am
EUROTRANS Board Meeting (Board members only)
Welcoming and opening of the meeting
Approval of the agenda
Approval of the minutes of the last Board Meeting
Financial statement
Report by the national secretariats
WG reports
Preparation of the Annual Meeting
11.00 am – 11.30 am Welcome Reception with Lunch at Hotel Restaurant
12.30 pm
EUROTRANS General Assembly (Hotel Conference room)
Welcome and opening by the President
Report on the Eurotrans activities
Budget report
Elections of the Eurotrans President
Future Activities and new membership
02.15 pm Bus Transfer to Company
03.00 pm Company Visit of “Reynaers Aluminium
What can the Drive Technology Industry learn from a Belgium company who has achieved the “Factory of the Future” Award. The example of the company “Reynaers Aluminium” is a good example how you can improve your processes within a digitalized environment. We will get a practical example by Reynaers Aluminium with a factory visit.
05.00 pm Bus Transfer back to the hotel
05.45 pm Keynote Speech on Additive Manufacturing (Hotel Conference room)
“Additive manufacturing, opportunities for the gears and transmissions industry” by Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Langefeld – “Partner at Roland Berger – Industrial Products and Services”
When we talk about the future of “Drive Technology” – we also have to talk about future/modern production processes. One new technology which is entering our companies production step by step is Additive Manufacturing. Roland Berger analyses the impact and opportunities in the field of drive technology and presents their new study.
07.30 pm Gala Dinner at Spiegelzaal (Antwerp City center)
Speech on “Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World” by Nancy Rademaker from Nexxworks
Her speech will provide inspiration and insights on how ‘The New Normal’ – in which ‘digital’ has become the norm – has transformed our work environment into a dense network. She explains how this has changed customer behavior and the speed of the market, and how companies themselves need to become a network if they want to survive

Friday, 22nd June 2018

09.00 am Keynote Speech on Production Technology (Hotel Conference room)
Digitalization of Production and Industry 4.0” by Paul Peeters, Lead Expert Agoria & “European Factory of the future” by Chris Decubber from European Factory of the Future Research Association with use cases.
When we talk about digitalization, there will not only be the question of how digitalization influences our production processes but also its influence on people. No matter whether you are a global player or an SME, Industry 4.0 means a real transformation process for the entire company structure. The Made Different program has been created to guide manufacturing companies through the most challenging transformation steps
The Factories of the Future programme mobilises the European industrial and research community to develop and demonstrate key technologies and approaches that are transforming manufacturing industry.
Chris will focus on cases that focus on the digitalisation of manufacturing

09.45 am Keynote Speech on Collaborative Robots  (Hotel Conference room)
“Combining strengths of humans and robots for better manufacturing” by Prof. Bram Vanderborght from Brubotics, Free University of Brussels
Recently, there is a strong trend towards the development of human-robot interaction. These robots are designed to work together with people, instead of being caged and replace humans to assist with complex and/or low volume tasks that cannot be fully automated. Combining the dexterity, flexibility and problem-solving ability of humans, with the strength, endurance and precision of robots, the quality of the industrial production can be improved, as well the working conditions for humans. Several examples with collaborative robots and exoskeletons will be presented.
10.30 am Coffee Break
10.45 am Keynote Speech on Business Models (Hotel Conference room)
Business Model Innovation – integrating digital solutions in your business” by Bryan Cassady from Fast-Bridge Consulting
With today’s increased pace of product and process innovation, companies that want to remain competitive long-term need to look at their whole business model. The issue is most attempts at business model innovation fail. This presentation will show how a step by step process focusing first on the basics of “customer value” and “jobs-to-be-done” is the best way to leverage digital solutions to create innovative new business models.
It is easy to get carried away with the potential for digital innovation » juste après: “The issue is most attempst at business model innovation fail
11.30 am Keynote Speech on Economy (Hotel Conference room)
World Economy – Europe, Asia and the US“, by Patrick Slaets from Agoria
12.30 am Lunch at Hotel Restaurant
 1.45 pm  Speech on Digital Solutions (Hotel Conference room)
Digital Solutions for Enterprise Content Management“, by Luc Deleu from company Ometa
The Ometa framework will be presented by means of some inspiring use case. This digital solution enables you to integrate your back-end business applications and to push the data towards dynamic front-end collaboration workspaces. In other words, it helps you to bring the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right business context.
 02.45 pm  Bus Transfer to the MAS Museum
03.15 pm Social Activity (Visit of MAS Museum – Antwerp)
Guided tour MAS (Museum at the flow)
MAS, the Museum aan de Stroom, is home to exhibitions that make the connection between the city and the world. On this tour, you will learn the story behind this exceptional building and its collections and exhibitions. Experience the encounters that the river and the port have brought about for centuries. Here and elsewhere.
06.00 pm Evening Dinner